Welcome to ClipyCam. We are based out of Chicago, USA and Vadodara, India(Bharat), but with the global vision. We just started to so stay tuned.
Let’s Explore ClipyCam:
ClipyCam is here with the mission to Save Time and Increase Creativity for all its users. We all felt that we are spending too much time Finding One Picture or Arranging or Cropping the Video. Then see what you can do with ClipyCam. Live Clip, Self-Organized Files and much more… 
While taking a video via iPhone or iPad, now user can pause their videos recording and/create a scene by clicking on the Pause button simultaneously while taking the main video. We are just taking baby steps in the world of photography and videography to bring you the newest concepts. Your feedback is an asset to us. Feel free to reach out for what we should or should not do. We are bringing more features in our next releases as we are growing by your wishes, wants, and needs. Stay tuned; we just started with and for you.

We are innovating

We are innovating everyday, so keep coming back.

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