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Here are few benefits of using ClipyCam. Enhance Productivity Instantly!

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ClipyCam Events:

Organize site visit media instantly. Recall details in seconds, not hours.

Geo Location:

Tell your story with places! Auto-tag or add location details.

Date and Time:

Pre-populated dates for convenience, or customize Your perfect timeline.

Draw in Real-time:

Live drawing, Instant impact. Edit less, impress more with ClipyCam.

Merge Video in Real-time:

Add Videos Anytime! Combine new clips to old ones easily, instantly.

Clip Creation while recording Cut Clips on the Fly:

Capture key moments instantly while recording.

Set Event Merge Timer:

Set your event duration and record. ClipyCam will organize media automatically.

Set Recording Merge Timer:

Set your event duration, capture new videos, and experience effortless video merging.

Add to Event Live

Add more moments! New timeline appears, keep recording your event smoothly.

Play Pause

Real Pause & Resume:

Pause without interruptions, continue with ease. Make filming flawless.

switch camera

Switch Camera in Real-time:

Switch cameras, smooth videos! Capture every angle for flawless walkthroughs.

How ClipyCam Works

Start Recording Video and Now user can Record Clip Along with it. User can Give a name to Event anytime they would like and create Self-organized file structure. Some of the other Features are Auto Clip, Continuous Clip, Search, Import and much more…

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