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ClipyCam has the live video tools you need. crop videos, record multiple clips, capture snaps, capture scenes & many more...

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ClipyCam 1.6 is live!

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Features you have never seen before

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Record & Crop Video

Live Clip Recording

Record Clips

Record Clips along with full video

Record Cut Clip

Continuously create clips without missing a piece of it.

Capture Snaps

Capture Snaps along with Full video and save all together

Landscape Recordign

Record in Landscape or Portrait mode.

Create & Edit Event

Create Events and save all your files in a self-managed way for better access next time

How ClipyCam Works

Start Recording Video and Now user can Record Clip Along with it. User can Give a name to Event anytime they would like and create Self-organized file structure. Some of the other Features are Auto Clip, Continuous Clip, Search, Import and much more…

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